Lifestyle Bloggers: Make Money Writing for These Blogs & Online Magazines

Lifestyle article writing… FINALLY, something easy, right?

Ummm… well, some aspects of freelancing as a lifestyle writer are easier than others, I guess.

First the good news: There are tons of freelance writing jobs (staff jobs and one-off gigs!) at lifestyle blogs and online magazines.

The bad news: There’s a boatload of competition. Lifestyle bloggers make money in a bunch of different ways, from sponsorships to Google Ads, and plenty of ’em have started to explore freelance writing as an extra income source.

To get in the door here, don’t try to be the freelance writer extraordinaire who writes about anything and everything. Get specialized in a few categories — when you’re an expert in your chosen topics, it’s a lot harder for editors to say no.

If current events, culture, or any of the other very popular lifestyle topics are in your wheelhouse, you’ll have tons of blogs and magazines to pitch.

And the bonus is that most of these lifestyle websites and blogs are ALWAYS looking for content. Once you get your foot in the door, getting regular work will be way easier.

Do Lifestyle Bloggers Make Money Writing for These Sites?

…or is it more like a hobby that pays a little?

Up to you — you can take it as a little extra pocket money, or turn it into a full-fledged freelance writing career. Some of the sites in this list pay several hundred dollars per post. Some pay as much as $1-$2 per WORD. So if you can snag a couple of good posts each week at the higher-paying end of the lifestyle market, you could be raking in thousands of dollars a month!

Can I Really Get Hired to Write for a Big Blog or Online Magazine With No Experience?

I’m not gonna lie to you: when you pitch a big lifestyle publication, you’re not alone. Those editors aren’t sitting around crying about how little email they get! BUT…

Beginners have just as much chance of getting published as anybody else, if you have a strong pitch and you send it to the right person at the right time. And once you’ve got one “yes” from one of these top-ranking lifestyle bad boys (or girls), you’ve suddenly got a stellar recommendation on your resumé that helps you win over the next editor.

If you’re still not convinced that little old YOU can get paid to write for lifestyle magazines online, read How I Convinced Cosmopolitan to Publish My Blog Post [And You Can Too].

Start with the lifestyle sites you already know and read. The better you know a website, or a specific department, the better your chances of getting a “hell yes!” from the editor. And if you don’t already have a mental list of favourite lifestyle sites you could name within 30 seconds, that’s a sure sign it’s time you found some that ring your bell (and that could become fantastic clients too).

Your first challenge: the big, popular lifestyle blogs probably already have articles on your usual topics. So how do you come up with something new and different to offer them?

I’ll say it again: READ THE PUBLICATION. Read it again. Read it to death. And, ideally, love it to death too.

The better you know the publication you’re pitching to, the easier this part is. And if you could make multiple thousands of dollars every year writing for them, it’s worth spending some time and energy reading to make sure you know exactly what’s been published already, and exactly what angles have or haven’t been covered for your pet topics. Plus, you’ll almost always find it easier to write for a publication you actually enjoy reading.

Your second challenge: figuring out which lifestyle sites and online magazines pay their writers a fair rate. No problem — that’s what this list is for!

Lifestyle Blogs and Digital Magazines that Pay Freelance Writers

Abilities Magazine

a print and online magazine that hires freelance writers

Abilities is a magazine and lifestyle blog based in Canada for people with disabilities. Their readers already have disabilities, so they’re looking for ideas about how to keep on living their best life. Travel, health, careers, and relationships are just a few of the possible directions you could consider. Have a look at the writers guidelines (and published articles) for more ideas.


a lifestyle blog that hires freelance writers

Aish is a lifestyle site dedicated to Jewish culture and religion. They are interested in articles on the practical everyday use of Jewish wisdom and how it can enhance your life. First-person stories are preferred. And story ideas should be inclusive of all Jewish backgrounds.

America’s Quarterly

a print magazine and online blog that hires freelance writers

Think of Americas Quarterly as The Economist but focused on Latin America. Business, politics, and culture in Latin America. Its readers are leaders of companies and countries. They do accept proposals from new writers but make sure to read through their published articles to familiarize yourself with the level of research, expertise, and writing you’ll need to get a yes.

Ashtray Blog

a trade blog that hires freelance writers

The blog of a UK based vape vendor, Ashtray Blog features articles, news, opinions, and deals on vaping and e-cigarettes. Their audience is beginners and semi-experienced vapers, so they’re looking for user guides and tutorials as well as other vape-related posts.


a lifestyle blog that hires freelance writers

Autostraddle is a lifestyle website for the LGBTQIA+ community. They describe themselves as “a space for lesbians and queer people — especially people of color — to be our entire selves.” Have a look at their published articles to get an idea of what they like. They aspire to give their community the confidence to find their own way in life and thrive (through their site and content).

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

a print magazine and blog that hires freelance writers

Better Homes and Gardens uses freelance writers for about 10% of its articles. Your best chance of getting a yes are topics like parenting, travel, education and health. Have a look at their website and magazine to get a better idea of what they want. They’d really prefer that you send a query and not a finished article. Send your query to the “department where the story line is the strongest.” And you’ll have to mail it to them. Really…snail mail it to them.

  • Homepage:
  • Contributor info: You’ll have to use your super-sleuthing skills (read that as research) to find out what they want and who to contact at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Pay: We’ve heard as much as $2 a word for print articles (probably less for online-only work).
  • Contributor byline: Yes.
  • Contributor bio: No.

Black Youth Project

a lifestyle site that hires freelance writers

Black Youth Project is a lifestyle website for black millennials. You’ll have a better chance of getting a yes with topics like pop culture, LGBTQIA+, politics, and feminism. Have a look at the site and already published articles to get a better idea of what they want. They do accept reprints too, but you’ll have to pitch them the same way as a fresh piece.

Bitch Media

A lifestyle site that hires freelance writers

Bitch Media runs a magazine and blog with a “feminist analysis of culture.” And by culture they mean cultural attitudes, social trends, pop culture and the every day culture of life. So, for example, parenting, health, politics, and relationships are a part of it too. “Discussion-provoking” and “well researched with evidence” are key here for getting picked.

Book Browse

a book review site that hires freelance writers

BookBrowse is a book review site for fiction and non fiction books. Mostly adult reading material, but they also do some young adult book reviews. Have a look at some of their reviews to get an idea of how they prefer their reviews. Be prepared to send in writing samples too. They describe their book choices as “very enjoyable to read, with great characters and storylines, but that also leave you knowing something about the world you didn’t before.”

Bust Magazine

a lifestyle site that hires freelance writers

Bust calls itself a feminist lifestyle magazine (with a blog). You’ll need to look at their categories before you send them a pitch. Choose between Broadcast, Real Life, Looks, Around the World in 80 Girls, Features, The Bust Guide, Sex Files and One Handed Read. And remember to be patient. It takes 2 to 3 months to hear back from them usually.


a lifestyle site that pays freelance writers for articles

Bustle is looking for first-person stories, interviews, buzz-worthy features, and even personal essays. Stick to the all-important fashion, beauty, health, relationships, tech, and entertainment categories and you’ll be fine. Have a look at some of their other articles. And remember to pitch the right editor (depending on the subject of your pitch).


a lifestyle website that pays freelance writers for articles

Buzzfeed, who hasn’t heard of it? And the gi-normous lifestyle site hires freelance writers. Check out its different categories: Pop Culture, Sex and Love, Anime, Lifestyle, Personal Finance, or Essays. They even need on-call freelance writers for daily trending stories if you’re interested. Just remember to get familiar with the site before you pitch.

Chatelaine Magazine

a lifestyle blog and magazine that hires freelance writers

Chatelaine is a Canadian lifestyle magazine and blog. They want articles about health, beauty, news, fashion and food. When you pitch, you’ll need to specify whether it’s for the magazine or the website. Rigorous fact-checking is their middle name, so be prepared to give them sources for all cited facts and contact info for all interviews. They want pitches not completed articles. And your patience. It may take 6 to 8 weeks for them to make a decision about your ideas.

Chicago Reader

a local lifestyle blog and newspaper that pays freelance writers

Chicago Reader is a local printed newspaper with a blog focused on what’s going on in the Chicagoland area. They occasionally hire freelance writers for their City Life, Comics, News & Politics, and Art & Culture sections. They recommend pitching a short story (300-1000 words max) if you’ve never written for them. And they really want you to send a pitch, not a complete article.


a magazine and specialty blog that pays freelance writers for articles

You can pitch Climbing magazine or the Climbing website with your stories about…well…climbing. The magazine has specific departments for your pitches, but the website is much more flexible. They tend to say yes more often to stories about climbing-related news, history, skills, opinion, photos, and short features. Remember to include some writing samples in your pitch.

Common Ground

a magazine and blog that hires freelance writers for lifestyle articles

Common Ground is a Canadian magazine and blog dedicated mostly to health, wellness, ecology, and personal growth. “Transformational travel” is another topic they tend to accept too. They much prefer to work with writers from or living in Canada. And please, send pitches not finished articles.


a magazine and blog that hires freelance writers for articles

Originally a print magazine, Cosmopolitan also has a prominent blog that occasionally seeks contributions from readers and accepts queries from freelance writers. If this sounds like too big a goal for you, check this out: How I Convinced Cosmopolitan to Publish My Blog Post [And You Can Too]

Daily Yonder

a rural life blog that pays freelance writers for articles

The Daily Yonder is a lifestyle site about Rural America. News, Culture, Health, Education, the Economy and every other aspect of life in small town America. They are very interested to read pitches from journalists, community leaders, researchers and their own readers about the challenges of life in rural America.


a lifestyle website that hires freelance writers

Dame is looking for reported features, satires, op-eds, and personal essays from women on “politics, reproductive rights, policy, civil rights, race, sex, class, gender, LGBTQIA+, disability, class, media, law, cultural trends, and more.”

Equestrian Living

a specialty lifestyle magazine and website that pays freelance writers for articles

Equestrian Living magazine or the EQ Living website are looking for stories about equestrian society. Fashion, style, events, travel, art, and of course equestrian sports. Even fiction and essays. For example, a visit to an interesting ranch or farm or an interview with an important person in equestrian society would get their attention.


a magazine and blog that pays freelance writers

Do I really need to tell you what Esquire is? And yes, this print magazine and website hire freelance writers. Choose the right department (Style, Entertainment, Food, Drinks, Sports, Lifestyle or News & Politics). Read the articles (and then, keep reading). Please do a lot of reading for any of the big publications before you pitch.

Eureka Street

a specialty lifestyle blog that pays freelance writers for articles

Eureka Street is an Australia-based blog looking for articles and creative non-fiction on politics, religion, popular culture or current events. They also publish short fiction and poetry! They’ll consider unsolicited articles of up to 800 words, or you can query the editor via email about an idea for a longer article.

Experience Life

a lifestyle blog and magazine that pays freelance writers

Experience Life is a print magazine with a blog for Life Time fitness centers and its members. So they’re focused on health and fitness. But quality of life is also a big part of this publication too. Real Food, Real Fitness, and Real Life are the 3 big sections for their articles.

Foreign Policy

a news and politics blog and magazine that pays freelance writers

As you might expect, Foreign Policy wants articles about foreign policy. But this magazine and website aren’t looking for a specific US (or even a North American) point of view towards foreign policy. Their readers are all over the world. You’ll have to appease 2 different groups here with your articles: get the experts talking about it and make sure the average non-expert reader can follow along and enjoy it.

Good Housekeeping

a magazine and blog that hires freelance writers for articles

Yes, you really can pitch Good Housekeeping (and get paid to write for them). To start, try pitching them for the Blessings column. Basically 500 words about something that has been a blessing to you. It could be a person or an event. Stories about health challenges are also welcome. These could be from interviewing someone else as well. By the way, you’ll have to send it to them the old-fashioned way, snail mail.


magazine and blog that pays freelance writers

The magazine and blog, Guideposts is looking for true stories on how you (or your source) achieved a positive change, reached a goal, or overcame an obstacle through faith in Christ. They’d also really like a spiritual lesson the reader can take away from your story (if you can fit it in there).

Harper’s Magazine

magazine and blog that pays freelance writers

Yep, THE Harper’s Magazine, one of the oldest cultural and literary magazines, also has an online edition — but you’ll still have to send your queries by snail mail. Don’t send them completed articles, just queries to start the ball rolling. (They also accept fiction, with complete manuscripts, but not poetry.) Have a read through the online edition of the magazine to get an idea of what they want. And note that in the old-school literary magazine tradition, they won’t send you a note to confirm they received your query — you gotta wait until you hear a “yes” or nothing at all.

High Country News

a specialty lifestyle blog that pays freelance writers

High Country News is a magazine and blog dedicated to the American West. And not the kitschy version either. Their interests fall into a few categories: news & analysis, feature stories, op-ed & essays, and book & other media reviews. Stay away from clichés and stick to the real story (about a community of indigenous people or a specific part of the Western US, for example).

High Times

cannabis blog that hires freelance writers

Can you really write about cannabis and get paid? Absolutely! High Times is looking for submissions on these topics: Letters to the Editor, Pix of the Crop, and THMQ (what strain are you smoking). You can also pitch the editors with different queries or articles (just remember to keep it under 1200 words if you’re pitching a completed article). If they like it, they’ll get in touch.

Honolulu Magazine

local lifestyle blog and magazine that pays freelance writers for articles

Wanna write about Hawaii? Well, this magazine and blog are all about Honolulu and Hawaii. But it’s not really for the tourists. It’s written for locals, so it’s more about the local lifestyle, what’s great, cultural goings-on, new places to eat & shop, and what’s the latest news.

Informed Consent

politics and news blog that hires freelance writers

Informed Consent is a website focused on the political and cultural interaction between the Middle East and the US. You can expect to find subjects like religion, women’s rights, religious discrimination, but also climate change. The site is very interested in working with reporters, academics and other writers with original information (and interviews) on these subjects. Previously published articles are sometimes accepted too. And if you’re an author of a book on the right subject, you could even write an opinion piece on a related subject (if it’s news worthy of course).


lifestyle blog that pays freelance writers

Yes you really can write for Jezebel! Have a very good look at the website. And we recommend following your favorite editors on Twitter (but we recommend that for any publication really). They don’t provide much guidance for submitting, so you’ll want to use your research skillz to get the goods with this website.


specialty blog that hires freelance writers

Kinkly is a website about the wide world of sex. And they’re looking for honest conversations about sex, written in a direct, entertaining way. Posts are typically 500-1200 words.

Legion Magazine

military lifestyle blog and magazine that hires freelance writers

Legion Magazine is looking for articles about the military, its history, veteran affairs, current events, law enforcement, and any subject that members of the Canadian military would find interesting. Their readers are mostly members of the Royal Canadian Legion, the Canadian Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (and their families too).


news and lifestyle blog that pays freelance writers

LifeZette is looking for articles on parenting, politics, faith, health, and pop culture. Read their already published articles carefully to get an idea of what it takes to get the yes.


specialty lifestyle blog that hires freelance writers

LightHouse is looking for uplifting lifestyle articles, commentary, and personal essays from blind (or extremely limited vision) writers. And they’d much prefer a pitch than a completed piece. They’re happy to work with you to get your idea ship-shape for publication.


lifestyle blog that hires freelance writers for articles

LiisBeth is an online feminist magazine looking for, in their own words, “writers, journalists, provocateurs, and activists” to write for them. They want you to read some of their articles before you pitch them (and they’d LOVE for you to sign up for their newsletter-hint, hint). They say it may take up to 14 days for them to get back to you (if your idea made the cut).


unique lifestyle blog that pays freelance writers

ListVerse wants you to write a….wait for it…list post. And they’ll pay you $100 to do it (if it’s accepted). Look at all the lists they’ve published already. They say that unusual or unexpected lists tend to make the cut. You’ll need at least 10 items on your list. And if you can’t receive money by Paypal, you can’t write for them.

Midwest Living

a local lifestyle magazine and blog that hires freelance writers

Midwest Living is a bi-monthly lifestyle magazine and a website about the Midwest United States (Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas mainly). They tend to hire new writers for “short scouting trips nearby or 300-600 word articles. And photography skills are very appealing to this publication.


a lifestyle blog that pays freelance writers

This blog is “devoted to untold human stories.” If you have a unique non-fiction story of your own, or an idea for a reported article, they want to hear about it. Narratively also publishes video, comics and other media.

New Internationalist

a magazine and blog that pays freelance writers

New Internationalist says their mission is “to bring to life the people, the ideas and the action in the fight for global justice.” Global inequality, the environment, and liberation struggles are just a few examples of welcome topics. You can also ask to be put on their call-out for pitches for their magazine’s front section “Currents.” They also accept pitches for the website (which has a shorter lead time than the magazine).

New Jersey Monthly

a magazine and blog that pays freelance writers

New Jersey Monthly is a lifestyle magazine and website dedicated to all things New Jersey (surprise). Written for local people, they are interested in subjects like important New Jersey natives and residents, healthcare, business, culture, local sports, travel and much more. Everything from a New Jersey perspective of course.

New York Magazine

a magazine and blog that hires freelance writers

New York Magazine does accept freelance pitches! Just don’t send them an unsolicited manuscript. Pitches only! Have a look at some of the already published articles in the many different departments to get a feel for what’s required. And go follow their editors on social media.


lifestyle and culture blog hires freelance writers

Observer is an online lifestyle and culture site looking for as they put it “an investigative report, an op-ed, a hot take on a big news story, a reported feature, a profile or Q&A, policy analysis,” to give you an idea. They have a number of sections, such as Technology & Innovation, Business, Culture & Entertainment, Travel, and Arts.


culture blog and journal hires freelance writers

Australia’s “only radical literary magazine” and site are always looking for insightful non-fiction pieces for the website. They give a few preferred topics on the submission page, but they’re open to other subjects too. Think discussion provoking and you’ll be headed in the right direction.

Paper Magazine

lifestyle website pays freelance writers for articles

Paper Magazine is a lifestyle publication and site dedicated to pop culture, fashion, beauty, and entertainment. You’ll have to follow your favorite editors on social media and read your favorite department’s articles to get an idea of what they want.

Paste Magazine

Get freelance blogging jobs with Paste magazine

Paste doesn’t accept unsolicited queries anymore, but they do occasionally accept new members to their pool of freelance writers. Paste is a lifestyle site, so you’ll find plenty of departments to consider: music, movies, TV, comedy, games, books, politics, drinks, and more. Have a look at their online magazine and then contact the department you’d like to write for.

Reader’s Digest

magazine and lifestyle website hires freelance writers

Who hasn’t heard of The Reader’s Digest? And guess what…you can write for them too. They do hire freelance writers. You may have to do some social media research and follow your favorite editors. They pay very well, so it’ll be worth the trouble if you dream of writing for this magazine and website. They’re only interested in your pitch. Don’t send any finished work.


lifestyle blog pays freelance writers for articles

Wanna write for the massive lifestyle site Refinery29? They have a few specialist topics they’re looking for right now. But you can still pitch them another idea. Just make sure it’s in line with their style and hasn’t already been done (or has an amazingly fresh new perspective).

Runner’s World

specialty lifestyle magazine and blog pays freelance writers

Most articles at Runner’s World are written by staff writers. But you’ve still got a chance to get your work published in this magazine (especially if you happen to be an avid runner). They recommend sending submissions to a few departments: What It Takes To…, Rave Run, and Life & Times. You can submit to others, but they are usually reserved for experts. Online articles are rarely paid gigs by the way.


lifestyle website hires freelance writers

Skirt! is a monthly online magazine that publishes freelance writers’ personal essays on women’s issues. Check the “Contribute” page for the topics/themes they’re looking for each month. (Skirt! also publishes blog posts in between magazine issues, but you only get paid for essays in the monthly magazine.)


lifestyle site pays freelance writers for articles

Slate hires freelance writers! It’s an enormous general interest site known for writing opinion and analysis regardless of which department gets your interest (politics, news, business, technology and culture are the main ones). They recommend that you do an internet search about your pitch idea before contacting them. They DO NOT want anything that’s been done. Read their articles AND do some research on what other sites have already written too.

Spirituality and Health Magazine

health and wellness lifestyle site and magazine pays freelance writers

They call themselves Spirituality & Health, and they mean it. This print magazine and online blog cover most topics around religion, spirituality, health, wellbeing, and anything related to it. From mainstream religion to holistic medicine and the environment. Most approved submissions are published on the website (because they’ve got more room there). And if you’re an expert, you might hear back from them faster (hint, hint).


specialty lifestyle magazine and blog hires freelance writers for paid gigs

Tablet is a print magazine and website dedicated to “Jewish news, ideas and culture.” The print magazine is on pause for the moment. But they’re still interested in your pitches for the website. They strongly recommend you read some articles before sending your pitch to the right editor. Tablet will not accept finished articles, opinion, or fiction.

The American Conservative

politics and culture magazine and blog pays freelance writers for articles

The American Conservative is a magazine and website focused on conservative politics and other subjects related to it (usually political, social, economic, or cultural). They advise you to “peruse” their website or magazine before sending your pitch or draft. And if you don’t hear from them in 7 days, consider it a no.

The American Scholar

news and culture magazine and blog hires freelance writers for paid jobs

The American Scholar is the magazine and website of the Phi Beta Kappa Society. They are looking for mostly non-fiction submissions. They accept work from “known and unknown writers” but they do not accept unsolicited fiction or book reviews. They say the best way to know what sort of work to submit is to read the magazine.

The Atlantic

culture and lifestyle magazine and blog pays freelance writers for articles

Freelance writers really can write for The Atlantic magazine (and website). One of the oldest print magazines still in publication is looking for fiction, non fiction and even book reviews. For your non fiction pitches, contact the right editor (Politics, Culture & Books, Science, Technology & Health, Family, Education, Global, or Ideas).

The Diplomat

news and culture magazine and blog pays freelance writers for articles

The Diplomat is a print magazine and website dedicated to reports, commentary, and analysis of the Asian continent and Pacific islands. They are much more interested in original reporting and analysis, in case you’re wondering. They accept pitches and completed articles. If you’d like to be paid for your work, make sure to say so in your pitch. Paid work must be requested (and agreed to) at the beginning.

The Ferret

specialty news and culture magazine and blog hires freelance writers for paid gigs.

The Ferret wants exclusive articles about issues important to residents and natives of Scotland. They’re also interested in photography, video, audio, and anything else you can put on a website (if it’s related to their focus). Please don’t send them a completed story. Pitch them first.

The Green Parent

Green Parent magazine hires freelance writers for parenting articles

The Green Parent is a UK print magazine with a blog as well. They are all about living a green lifestyle, so they’d love to see pitches about all aspects of life (and parenthood) from an ecologically conscious perspective. They especially like first-person stories about your real-life experiences (that connect with their eco-friendly focus).

The Nation

politics and culture magazine and blog hires freelance writers

The Nation is a magazine and website dedicated to left and liberal political opinion and commentary. They accept pitches about national and international topics. For US topics, they really like “civil liberties, civil rights, labor, economics, environmental, privacy & policing, feminist issues & politics.” But domestic issues need to be important enough to interest their readers from all parts of the US. And they even accept poetry.

The Progressive

politics and culture magazine and blog hires freelance writers

The print magazine and website, The Progressive is looking for investigative reports on current events (related to their progressive focus). They also would love articles on social movements, activism, and even foreign policy (just remember that their readers are mainly Americans). And be ready to show your sources for all reports. You can even submit poetry to this publication.

The Root

specialty lifestyle magazine pays freelance writers for articles

The Root is a lifestyle site about, as they put it, “the intersection of blackness and culture, politics, entertainment, and sports, among other pertinent issues.” They may hire you for articles, but at the moment, they are looking for freelance writers to write for them regularly for their audience. So you’ll need to have a strong resumé, be a fast writer, and have some experience writing for a similar audience on subjects like politics, entertainment, culture, and/or breaking news.

The Sun

news and culture magazine and blog hires freelance writers for articles

The Sun is a print magazine and website that describes itself as “personal, political, provocative.” They are looking for essays, fiction, and poetry. They especially love personal stories about political or cultural matters. They also accept interview queries. Send them a pitch about an interview you’d like to do for them first. They also buy black and white photographs and photo essays if you’ve got a talent for it.


lifestyle blog pays freelance writers for articles

You’ve probably already watched a viral Upworthy video or short article on social media. They’re known for publishing stories that are uplifting and meaningful. Even though they tend to be short, they want you to write an article that impacts people and gets their attention. They’re even open to you repurposing stories that you’ve already written elsewhere (if it’s legally allowed of course).


lifestyle blog hires freelance writers for paid jobs

Verily is a women’s lifestyle blog focusing on fashion, beauty, relationships, culture, and health. If you’re thinking of submitting photos as part of your story, be aware that they have a “no Photoshop” policy on fashion and beauty photos.


news and lifestyle blog pays freelance writers for articles.

Vice is a huge lifestyle site with lots of viral videos and articles. And their lifestyle department hires freelance writers for subjects like health, wellness, self-care, sex, relationships, and plenty more. They’re really looking for original reports, essays, and first-person stories. You could even do an article on another person’s first-person story. And for those of you with a great idea, Vice is looking for pitches for series and columns too.


news and culture blog hires freelance writers for paid jobs

Vox is a gigantic website (that you’ve likely run into on social media) mostly focused on news. They want to give context to news stories. And they pay for first-person stories or essays. About big events happening near you? Absolutely, yes. You can also pitch your personal stories about parenting, jobs, relationships, money, and other important everyday issues. They’re interested to hear your story even if you’re not a pro writer yet. Send them a pitch.

Wellbeing Magazine

health and lifestyle magazine and blog hires freelance writers for paid jobs

Wellbeing Magazine is an Australian publication with a blog. They are very interested in all aspects of health and spirituality. Some subjects you could write about are natural health, the environment, fitness, travel, and first-person stories (related to wellbeing). You can also write for the site, but they pay for magazine articles only.

World Politics Review

news and culture website pays freelance writers for articles

World Politics Review is a magazine and website dedicated to, as they put it “thoughtful, non-partisan, insightful analysis of the most pressing international issues of the day.” Their readers are business people, academics, and policymakers from around the world. They’re most interested in short articles that give context on a specific issue or event or longer feature articles that go in-depth on one issue (usually with expert interviews and original reporting).

Youth Today

specialty magazine and blog hires freelance writers for paid jobs

Youth Today is a magazine and blog that covers just about any issue involving youth and the adults who work on their behalf, from direct-care services, health and juvenile justice to government policies and legislation, funding for youth programs and youth development.

This List Needs YOUR Help!

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