Money and Personal Finance Blogging: Try These Blogs for Paid Freelance Writing Jobs

Have you got a talent for finance and writing?

Even better if you already have experience in a money-related career. There are tons of opportunities open right now for you to write (and get paid) at personal finance and money blogs and websites.

It’s no secret that personal finance sites can make good money with affiliate commissions or selling their own software and technology.

And lifestyle blogs and magazines are always on the lookout for solid personal finance advice for their readers (and they need freelance writers who know how to write money articles people want to read).

These sites have no problem paying for high quality personal finance articles to attract readers looking for advice. As you scroll down this page, you’ll see sites that pay anything from $50 to $1,200 per post.

What If I Don’t Have a Background or Experience in Finance?

Can you write clear, accurate, and easy-to-understand articles about financial concepts? That’s a way more valuable skill than years of experience working at a bank or accounting firm, if freelance writing is your goal.

You don’t need to know it all, because you can find experts to interview and quote in your articles. Most financial experts don’t have the time (or the skills) to write the kinds of articles needed by the average reader… and those brokers, bookkeepers, accountants, bankers, and credit repair specialists will be thrilled when you interview them for articles.

Where Can I Find Personal Finance Writing Jobs?

In our never-ending search for blogs, websites, and online magazines that pay freelance writers decent money for articles, we’ve noticed something interesting…

Personal finance articles are EVERYWHERE. You’ll be surprised how many sites have published money-related articles (even the ones that focus on completely different subjects).

We’re convinced that you could pitch a personal finance topic to nearly any website… after you’ve studied what they’ve already published, and read their guidelines, of course.

Start with any (or all!) of these publications:

Abilities Magazine

a print and online magazine that hires freelance writers

Abilities is a magazine and lifestyle blog based in Canada for people with disabilities. Their readers already live with disabilities, so they’re looking for ideas about how to keep on living their best life. So article ideas about personal finance and money (as long as it’s geared towards people with disabilities) are very doable. Have a look at the writer guidelines (and published articles) to get inspired.

A Fine Parent

Get paid for online writing jobs in the family and parenting niche

A Fine Parent publishes practical advice and inspiration for smart, busy parents. Finance and money topics for parents are definitely of interest to this site (just do a site search and you’ll see what I mean). Blog posts focus on a different parenting-related topic every month. To submit a post, first, find out if the editor’s submission window is open (check the contributor info page), then send a full draft.

Bay Area Parent

find freelance writing jobs for parenting blogs and magazines

The Bay Area Parent magazine and blog are looking for well-researched features and other shorter articles about parenting in the greater San Francisco Bay area. Their focus is helping busy parents, so money and finance article ideas are acceptable. They’ve already got some really nice selection of them, so make sure to check out their published articles on the subject first.


This site pays freelance writers for finance and money articles.

Bench is a bookkeeping and tax services business for US small businesses. They have in-house writers but also hire freelance writers for small business finance and other money-related articles for their blog. They expect well-researched, factual work that is easy to read. Their readers are mostly experienced small business owners looking for answers to their financial questions (and they don’t have time or patience for fluff or complicated technical language). If you’re an expert (or have qualifications) in financial or money-related fields, they will be all the more interested.

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

a print magazine and blog that hires freelance writers

Better Homes and Gardens uses freelance writers for about 10% of its articles. Your best chance of getting a yes are topics related to parenting, travel, education, and health. They do publish articles about money and personal finance — you could pitch a personal finance article idea for parents, for example. Have a look at their already published money articles to get a better idea of what they want. Send your query to the “department where the storyline is the strongest.” And you’ll have to mail it to them. Really… snail mail it to them.

Bitcoin Tech Weekly

This site hires freelance writers for finance and money articles about bitcoin.

Bitcoin Tech Weekly is looking for freelance articles about bitcoin-related subjects. Most of their articles fall into the “time-sensitive” category so you’ll need to write fast (and edit fast too). You can pitch feature articles that aren’t tied to current events too, giving yourself more time to research and write. If you know a lot about some aspect of Bitcoin, send them a pitch. And as you might expect, you’ll be paid in BTC.


a lifestyle site that pays freelance writers for articles

Bustle is looking for first-person stories, interviews, buzz-worthy features, and even personal essays. Check out their already published money and personal finance articles to get an idea of what they like. They’ve got plenty of them! And remember to pitch the right editor (depending on the subject of your pitch).

Buzzfeed READER

a lifestyle website that pays freelance writers for articles

Buzzfeed, who hasn’t heard of it? And the gi-normous lifestyle site hires freelance writers. One of their categories is READER, their personal and critical essay section. And personal finance fits perfectly here. (Of course, you can also pitch Buzzfeed your non-essay personal finance articles too, just not to READER.) Have a look at what they’ve already published and see if your ideas fit.

Carolina Parent

carolina parent magazine hires freelance writers for parenting articles

They call it the Triangle (also known as the Raleigh Durham area of North Carolina). And their online parenting magazine is looking for local stories about parenting-related articles. Personal finance and money are both very relevant to parents if it helps make their life better or easier. So if you’re a parent in the area, get in touch and pitch them a great local money topic!

Charlotte Parent

Charlotte parent has freelance writing jobs for parenting articles

Charlotte Parent is a mostly online magazine focused on arming local parents with helpful information. Local expert advice about a personal finance topic that helps their readers navigate parenthood could definitely be a winning pitch. Check out their editorial calendar for details about monthly themes too.

Chesapeake Family Life

Chesepeake Family Life hires freelance writers for local travel blogging and parenting articles

Attention freelance writers with kids living in the Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia areas! Chesapeake Family Magazine hires writers for local parenting articles. You could definitely score a personal finance writing gig with a piece that helps parents save or manage money. They love when you quote local authorities, so get up and go find yourself some local finance experts to quote in your pitch.


a lifestyle website that hires freelance writers

Dame is looking for reported features, satires, op-eds, and personal essays from women on “politics, reproductive rights, policy, civil rights, race, sex, class, gender, LGBTQIA+, disability, class, media, law, cultural trends, and more.” If you do a search on their site, you’ll find quite a few personal finance articles, so they do say yes to this topic when it fits. Go have a look and get your pitch on.

Doctor of Credit

Get hired for personal finance and money articles by Doctor of Credit.

The Doctor of Credit blog focuses on every aspect of credit cards. They have a small in-house writing team, but they are always on the lookout for fresh ideas that fit their blog. They are especially interested in unusual or new credit card offers, consumers’ rights stories, and articles about the legal side of credit. You can send pitches, but this blog prefers full articles. Send a full draft of your submission to find out if the blog’s owner and editor William Charles wants to publish it.

Elite Personal Finance

Get paid freelance writing jobs for personal finance and money articles at Elite Personal Finance.

Elite Personal Finance is a website all about personal finance and money matters. And they hire freelance writers. If they really like your work, it could turn into a regular gig. Personal finance, saving money, credit cards, loans, identity theft, and more. (Personal stories about identity theft are an extra special interest for them.)

Financial Times Op-Ed

The Financial Times pays freelance writers for op-ed articles on money and finance.

Yep, you heard me. You could write for THE Financial Times. The best place to start is with an opinion piece, or op-ed. They publish op-eds every day. They would really love drafts that go against conventional wisdom — even their own. They recommend that you explore new ideas to get their attention. And if your idea is time-sensitive and related to current breaking news, send that rough draft NOW and let them help you work on it (if it’s accepted).

FreshBooks Blog

Freshbooks blog pays freelance writers for money and finance articles.

FreshBooks has a blog. That’s right, one of the best-known small business and personal accounting software companies occasionally hires freelance writers. Their readers are mostly freelancers, small business owners, and other entrepreneurs. BUT… they only want to hear pitches for topics that are not currently covered on their blog (and you’ll have to convince them why they should). They don’t want any previously published work or advertorials.


Groovewallet hires freelance writers for personal finance and money articles.

Groovewallet is a personal finance and money blog that publishes content about money management, how to save money, and how to make money. They consider themselves a financial version of Buzzfeed, so you’ll also find fun articles like “The Richest Billionaires Who Never Went to College.” Do a search for the financial topics you’d like to do and see if it fits. They’ll accept pitches and completed articles (but we recommend pitching first to get feedback before you draft).

Grow (by Acorns)

Grow website and blog hires freelance writers for money and personal finance articles.

Grow (by Acorns) is an online magazine looking for finance-related articles geared specifically toward Millennial readers. If personal finance topics like saving, investing, earning, spending, and borrowing fit your writing interest and expertise, get knowledgeable about your favorite categories on the site. And then go pitch them your ideas.

  • Homepage:
  • Contributor info: Carol Tice at Freelance Writers Den reported, “They don’t have guidelines posted, but they told me to submit to [email protected] with the word STORY in your subject line.”
  • Pay: We’ve heard $50.
  • Contributor byline: Yes.
  • Contributor bio: No.


HerMoney blog and site pays freelance writers for articles about personal finance and money.

HerMoney publishes articles on finance and business from a woman’s perspective, with a sideline in women’s lifestyle topics. Email the editor to pitch your article idea. (Note that you’re competing with staff writers when you pitch, so be sure to explain why you should write the piece!)

Hudson Valley Parent

Hudson Valley Parent pays writers for local travel articles and family and parenting articles

Hudson Valley Parent magazine and online blog want your local stories about parenting. They especially love first-person experiences (and remember to interview local parents and experts too). So you could find some local finance experts and put together a winning pitch that helps parents manage or save money. They tend to focus more on parents of children from 0 to 14 years old.

International Living

International Living online magazine for travel writing jobs

International Living is a magazine with a popular blog discussing retiring overseas, foreign investments, travel deals and real estate bargains outside the U.S., how to start a business outside the U.S., items from overseas that may sell well in the U.S. market… anything that involves saving or making money outside of the United States. It’s the perfect spot for an international personal finance or money article query. Just make sure to see what they’ve already published first.

Lady Qs

LadyQs is a lifestyle site that pays freelance writers for personal finance and money articles.

LadyQs is a lifestyle site for women. They publish articles about shopping, food, fashion, beauty, relationships, and the usual lifestyle topics. But business and personal finance are part of that list too. You’ll find tons of money and personal finance articles on the site, so have a look at what they’ve got, then come up with some unique money articles that fit their style and pitch away.


Lendio is a website and blog that pays freelance writers for money and personal finance articles.

Lendio is a business financing platform (that’s a fancy way to say they help small businesses get loans). And they pay freelance writers for finance and money articles. They don’t have contributor guidelines on the site, so check out the blog to get a better idea of what they want and have already published, and follow the editor on social media to get extra insights.

  • Homepage:
  • Contributor info: Contact marketing editor Melissa Zehner to send queries.
  • Pay: We hear 14 to 28 cents a word.
  • Contributor byline: Yes.
  • Contributor bio: Yes.


find online paid writing jobs for parenting and family articles

Are you a busy parent living near Detroit, Michigan? Then you’ve probably got something to pitch Metro Parent. This print magazine also features a blog (updated daily!) for reported articles and tips on parenting in southeast Michigan. So get in touch with local money experts and put together an article pitch to help parents deal with their money challenges. Just make sure to have a portfolio of writing to show them first.

online writing jobs that pay for family and parenting articles is “a lifestyle site for moms who happen to be parents.” The site covers parenting topics from pregnancy to empty nesters as well as lifestyle topics too. And they’ve already got a nice selection of personal finance and money articles. Go check them out and come up with some great personal finance pitches they can’t resist.

  • Homepage:
  • Contributor info: Not available online, but you’ll find contact info at and you can follow editor Laura Clark too.
  • Pay: We’ve heard from $125 to $350 per article.
  • Contributor byline: Yes.
  • Contributor bio: Yes, displayed when you click the byline.


find online paid writing jobs for family and parenting freelance writers

Momtastic’s goal is to “cut through the noise” of all the parenting sites out there by offering “only the information moms really want.” Posts are usually first-person and offer real-life parenting stories and authentic parenting advice. Search their site for personal finance and money articles. (You’ll find plenty.) Do your research and then get in touch with the editor.

Money Crashers

MoneyCrashers is a website and blog that pays freelance writers to write about personal finance and money.

MoneyCrashers is a blog committed to helping everyday people improve their financial situation. Have a look at what they’ve already done. You’ll find money management, investing, planning for retirement, saving money, and everything else you need to know about personal finance. They have a small team of writers in-house, but they still hire freelance writers. They love working with writers who have experience, training, or even qualifications in specific financial fields too.

online writing jobs for parenting writers is very interested in your mom stories. First-person experiences that pass on your hard-earned wisdom to other mothers (in about 700-900 words). They’ve already got quite a few personal finance articles, so check those out before you craft your query. Parenting struggles that remind readers they’re not alone do well. And if you happen to be an expert — or know a few — that help moms live their best life, you could become an expert contributor.

Raising Arizona Kids

Get paid for local travel blogging and parenting articles at Raising Arizona Kids magazine

Got kids and live in Arizona? You’ve probably got money stories that the Raising Arizona Kids magazine wants. They only hire local writers and they want pitches about all the challenges of parenting from a local perspective. Their goal is to help make parenting easier from birth to high school graduation. They’ve already published a number of personal finance articles for parents, so take a look and send them a pitch they can’t resist.


Ravishly has paid parenting writing jobs for freelance writers

Ravishly is an online magazine that doesn’t back away from controversial and difficult parenting and mom topics. Life is messy and they are ready to talk about it, rant about it, and even sometimes cry or laugh about it. Go check out their already published personal finance articles (they’ve got a bunch of them already). Pitch them something they haven’t done yet that fits their style.

Reader’s Digest

magazine and lifestyle website hires freelance writers

Who hasn’t heard of The Reader’s Digest? And guess what… you can write for them too, because they do hire freelance writers. You may have to do some social media research and follow your favorite editors. They pay very well, so it’ll be worth the trouble! They publish quite a few personal finance and money articles. Go check them out and find an angle they’ve not done yet.


lifestyle blog pays freelance writers for articles

Wanna write for the massive lifestyle site Refinery29? They have a few specialist topics they’re looking for right now. But you can still pitch them another idea. Just make sure it’s in line with their style and hasn’t already been done (or has an amazingly fresh new perspective). They have a bunch of personal finance articles already, so read and research before you start working on your pitch ideas.

Stocks and Commodities Magazine

Stocks and Commodities magazine and website hires freelance writers to write articles about finance and money.

Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine and the website hire freelance writers for articles about everything related to trading stocks and commodities. They have an editorial calendar with upcoming themes, such as trading systems, forex brokerages, software, and data services. Some articles on the website are only available to subscribers, but plenty are free to read without subscription. If this is your jam, look at the topics and articles they’ve published and check out their detailed author guidelines too.

The Bump

online parenting writing jobs that pay freelance writers

The Bump is an online magazine — now with a print edition as well — that publishes how-to pieces on pregnancy and parenting. They’re especially interested in articles that are likely to generate conversation and traffic, as well as stories that have a connection to current events and trends. They definitely publish personal finance articles (go do a site search and you will see more than a few!). Research their style and existing content before you send them any pitches.

The Dollar Stretcher

The Dollar Stretcher is a website and blog that hires freelance writers for personal finance and money articles.

The Dollar Stretcher publishes personal finance articles on a few different websites and in their newsletters about, as they put it, “living better for less.” They only pay for articles in their newsletter right now, and they’ve got over 10,000 articles on the website — so you’ll need to come up with a fresh idea or a new angle if you want their attention.

The Green Parent

Green Parent hires family and parenting writers for freelance articles

The Green Parent is a UK print magazine with a blog as well. They are looking for parenting articles from an environmentally conscious perspective. You’ll find they’ve already got some money and personal finance articles published, and they especially like first-person stories about your real-life experiences (that connect with their eco-friendly focus).

The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool pays freelance writers for personal finance and money articles.

Yes, YOU can work for The Motley Fool. The massive personal finance site hires freelance writers in the personal finance niche. They also hire employees if you’re looking for a regular paycheck. Go check out their job and freelance openings to see what’s available. (They made INC’s list of Best Workplaces, by the way.)

The New York Times Magazine Online Version

The New York Times Online Magazine hires freelance writers for personal finance and money articles.

Have you got what it takes to write for the New York Times Online Magazine? You might be surprised. Check out the advice from a New York Times editor on how to nail your pitch (link below). Can you write about personal finance and money for this world-famous newspaper and magazine’s website? With some great insider advice, research, and the right pitch, YES you can.

The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder site and blog hires freelance writers for personal finance and money articles.

The Penny Hoarder features articles about unusual ways to earn and save money. Posts usually run to 800 words or longer, and payments need to be pre-negotiated. They are interested in unique job ideas, success stories about saving or making money, and doing anything on a budget, to give you a few examples. Do a site search before you pitch your idea. It’s a big blog and they are not interested in ideas they’ve already posted on the site.

  • Homepage:
  • Contributor info: Check out their careers page. and do some networking to find the right editor for freelance pitches.
  • Pay: Last we checked, $75 and upward (negotiate your own fee with your editor) for 700-900 word articles.
  • Contributor byline: Yes.
  • Contributor bio: Yes, at the end of each post. A few lines with links and a photo.

The Points Guy

the points guy online blog has freelance travel writing jobs and family travel writing gigs for you

The Points Guy site is all about how to use credit card points and miles to save money while travelling. So you better know your credit card programs really well before you pitch them anything. And this blog pays very well, but their editorial team is also super picky about who they work with. Go read up on their articles to get a better idea of what they expect. They also hire employees if you really know your stuff.


lifestyle blog hires freelance writers for paid jobs

Verily is a women’s lifestyle blog that has published lots of personal finance articles. They run calls for submissions on selected topics they’d like to receive pitches about (not necessarily money-related topics, but you never know). Or you can simply pitch them an idea to see what they think of it.

Vox First Person

news and culture blog hires freelance writers for paid jobs

Vox is a gigantic website (that you’ve likely run into on social media) mostly focused on news. They want to give context to news stories, and they pay for first-person stories or essays. About major events happening near you? Absolutely, yes! Pitch them your news or personal stories about money and other important everyday issues. They’re interested to hear from you even if you’re not a pro writer yet, so don’t be shy — send them a pitch.

Wellbeing Magazine

health and lifestyle magazine and blog hires freelance writers for paid jobs

Wellbeing Magazine is an Australian publication with a blog. They are very interested in all aspects of health and spirituality. You might not expect them to accept personal finance and money article ideas, but they do! They’ve published quite a few already. Go have a look at what they have to get some ideas. They only pay for articles that are published in the print magazine (as well as or instead of on the blog).

What To Expect

online writing jobs that pay for family and parenting articles

The What To Expect blog offers practical advice and honest conversations about pregnancy and parenting. They hire bloggers for articles with a specific focus (news, health, etc.) plus a parenting slant, and they do publish personal finance and money topics. Be sure to research what they like and what they’ve already published before you send them a pitch.

Your Teen

Your Teen wants freelance writers for parenting articles

Got a teenager and some story ideas on how to survive the teen years? Your Teen is a website dedicated to helping parents of teenagers (from middle school all the way to the beginning of college). Be prepared to give links to your writing samples, and get some experts on board for an interview so you can quote them in your piece — Your Teen really loves having trusted experts quoted in their articles. They already have a good selection of parenting-related personal finance and money articles, so go check them out before you pitch.

This List Needs YOUR Help!

Have you written for one of these blogs? Will you tell us about your experience?

Or do you know of another blog that pays at least $50 per post on personal finance topics?

If you’ve got a tip about a blog that pays writers $50+, please send it to [email protected] in exchange for our undying gratitude — thank you for your service.