Online (Paid) Writing Jobs at Parenting and Family Blogs

So you’re a parent AND a freelance writer (or you’ve got dreams of getting paid to write).

I hope you haven’t given up those dreams of making money ranting about … I mean, sharing, your experiences of parenthood.

Maybe you think there’s no good money in writing about your life lessons as a new (or old) parent. Ummm… I’ve got good news and bad news.

First, the bad news: you’re wrong.

And now the good news: aren’t you glad you’re wrong? That means there’s freelance blogging income up for grabs in pregnancy, parenting and family markets.

Why Parenting & Family Blogs NEED Freelance Writers

Not everyone can tell a story or write out their thoughts in an entertaining way.

(Have you listened to other parents? They’re way too frazzled to, uhh… put words… in, y’know, sentences.)

Your wordsmithing and storytelling skills are VALUABLE and kinda rare.

How many times do you zone out when someone is telling you about their kid? Seriously. I can almost see the editors’ faces as they read the submissions.

Do the write thing (see what I did there?) and save an editor’s sanity.

Can I Really Make Good Money Blogging about Parenting?

Welp… we’ve got over 25 blogs and online magazines ready to pay for good parenting articles and essays.

All of them pay $50+ per post (and plenty pay $100, $200 or more).

Most of them are looking for personal stories or interviews with other parents, kids, and experts. So get ready to cash in on all the times your kids made you wonder if going to jail really is a bad thing. (jk)

You can also write practical stories about what to do with family on the weekend, especially for local online magazines.

Time to whip out all those family craft ideas, cultural outings, fun educational activities, and local travel plans. Because they’re in demand too.

Are you ready?

Family and Parenting Blogs Looking for Freelance Writers

ADDitude Magazine

online writing jobs for family and parenting freelance writers

ADDitude Magazine is a printed magazine with an extensive blog specializing in ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and other similar conditions. So of course, they LOVE working with journalists and mental health professionals who have expertise in these areas. BUT they also are VERY interested in first-person stories about living and working with ADD and its related conditions. Parenting articles about children with ADD or parents with ADD handling the challenges of parenting are definitely doable.

A Fine Parent

Get paid for online writing jobs in the family and parenting niche

A Fine Parent publishes practical advice and inspiration for smart, busy parents. Blog posts focus on a different parenting-related topic every month. To submit a post, first find out if the editor’s submission window is open (check the contributor info page), then send a full draft.

Atlanta Parent

Atlanta Parent pays freelance writers for local travel articles and parenting articles

If you live in the Atlanta GA area and you’ve got some parenting war stories, head over to Atlanta Parent Magazine and pitch them your stories. They are very interested in personal essays, practical advice and feature stories about all the challenges of parenting with a local twist.

Bay Area Parent

find freelance writing jobs for parenting blogs and magazines

The Bay Area Parent magazine and blog are looking for well-researched features and other shorter articles about parenting in the greater San Francisco Bay area. Their focus is helping busy parents with topics like local family fun ideas, staying healthy, work-life balance, and local cultural activities for the family.

Carolina Parent

carolina parent magazine hires freelance writers for parenting articles

They call it the Triangle (also known as the Raleigh Durham area of North Carolina). And their online parenting magazine is looking for local stories about things to do, parenting-related news stories, education topics, and more. If you’re a parent in the area, get in touch and pitch them a great local story!

Charlotte Parent

Charlotte parent has freelance writing jobs for parenting articles

Charlotte Parent is a mostly online magazine focused on arming local parents with helpful information. Local expert advice, things to do, and everything about how to survive parenthood from a local perspective. Check out their editorial calendar for details about monthly themes.

Chesapeake Family Life

Chesepeake Family Life hires freelance writers for local travel blogging and parenting articles

Attention freelance writers with kids living in the Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia areas. Chesapeake Family Magazine hires writers for local parenting and travel articles. They love when you quote local authorities (varies depending on your topic), so make sure to keep your story ideas focused on the region.

Chicago Parent

Chicago Parent pays freelance writers for local travel articles and family and parenting articles

Chicago Parent Magazine is interested in your personal essays and feature stories related to parenting (with a local focus on the Chicagoland area of course). Make sure to interview local experts, families and children to keep your story focused on the needs of their readers too. Anything that helps parents navigate life is fair game. Childcare, education, and the everyday obstacles to parenthood, for example.

Hudson Valley Parent

Hudson Valley Parent pays writers for local travel articles and family and parenting articles

Hudson Valley Parent magazine and online blog wants your local stories about parenting. They especially love first person experiences (and remember to interview local parents and experts too). Camps, education, and family life are just some examples of preferred topics. They tend to focus more on children from 0 to 14 years old.


Parenting and family online writing jobs that pay

JustParents is a UK parenting blog; however, writers from other countries are welcome to contribute too! You’ll need to create a JustParents account to view the list of in-demand topics in the “Current requirements” section of the writer’s guidelines page.

Lisa Tanner Writing

online writing jobs that pay for parenting articles

Lisa Tanner has a blog about mompreneurs. If you’re a mom with a business, she’d love to hear from you. Any topics on running a business at home with kids is what she’s looking for. Blogging, freelance business success, and making money online are also good subjects for her blog.


find online paid writing jobs for parenting and family articles

Are you a busy parent living near Detroit Michigan? Then you’ve probably got something to pitch Metro Parent. This print magazine also features a blog (updated daily!) for reported articles and tips on parenting in southeast Michigan. So if you’ve got some local tips and tricks for parenting in this part of the US, pitch them your ideas. Just make sure to have a portfolio of writing to show them first.

online writing jobs that pay for family and parenting articles is “a lifestyle site for moms who happen to be parents.” The site covers parenting topics from pregnancy to empty nesters as well as lifestyle topics like health, food, and fashion.

  • Homepage:
  • Contributor info: Not available online, but you’ll find contact info at
  • Pay: We’ve heard $350 per article.
  • Contributor byline: Yes.
  • Contributor bio: Yes, displayed when you click the byline.


find online paid writing jobs for family and parenting freelance writers

Momtastic’s goal is to “cut through the noise” of all the parenting sites out there by offering “only the information moms really want.” Posts are usually first-person and offer real-life parenting stories and authentic parenting advice. Follow the editors on social media to get in touch and find out more about them. And please read the blog to get a feel for what to pitch them.


Motherfigure has parenting writing jobs for freelance writers

Motherfigure is an online magazine looking for first-person stories about your pregnancy and postpartum experiences, challenges, and how it changed you in ways you didn’t expect. Inspiration and insight are important themes here. They’re also interested in “thoughtful” and honest reviews of pregnancy and postpartum products.

online writing jobs for parenting writers is very interested in your mom stories. First-person experiences that pass on your hard-earned wisdom to other mothers (in about 700-900 words). So pick a specific parenting struggle and remind their readers that they’re not alone. And if you happen to be an expert that helps moms live their best life, you could become an expert contributor.


Motherwell hires freelance writers for paid writing gigs.

Motherwell’s tagline is “telling all sides of the parenting story” and they mean it. Go to their submissions page and see what subjects they are currently interested in accepting. “Teen challenges and solutions” and “pandemic little lessons” are two examples to give you an idea.

National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities

NRCPD hires freelance writers for parenting articles

The National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities wants first-person essays written by parents with disabilities for their blog. Each quarter they select a theme (with a deadline for submissions). One past theme was “sending children back to school during the pandemic.”

Raising Arizona Kids

Get paid for local travel blogging and parenting articles at Raising Arizona Kids magazine

Got kids and live in Arizona? You’ve probably got stories that the Raising Arizona Kids magazine wants. They only hire local writers and they want pitches about all the challenges of parenting from a local perspective. Their goal is to help make parenting easier from birth to high school graduation. So go pitch them!


Ravishly has paid parenting writing jobs for freelance writers

Ravishly is an online magazine that doesn’t back away from controversial and difficult parenting and mom topics. Have a look at their already published articles and you’ll know exactly what they are about. Life is messy and they are ready to talk about it, rant about it, and even sometimes cry or laugh about it.


Romper hires freelance writers for parenting articles

Romper wants stories about every aspect of parenting from a fun and thoughtful perspective. Personal essays, pop culture, and even parenting related finance stories are possible here. In most cases, you’ll need to interview other parents and experts too.

SparkPeople Pregnancy & Postpartum

get paid for parenting and family freelance writing

SparkPeople is all about health and fitness, so the pregnancy and postpartum section of the website is looking for articles on nutrition, fitness, pregnancy, and parenting. Most of the articles here are written by the staff, but the site publishes occasional posts by freelance writers too.

Texas Home School Coalition

find blogging jobs for family and parenting freelance writers

Are you a homeschooling parent in Texas? You can share your first-person experiences and make some money as a freelance writer. They’re looking for articles about new homeschoolers, new residents in Texas, after school activities, dads who homeschool, dealing with special needs, and more.

The Bump

online parenting writing jobs that pay freelance writers

The Bump is an online magazine (and they now have print magazines as well) that publishes how-to pieces on pregnancy and parenting. They’re especially interested in articles that are likely to generate conversation and traffic, as well as stories that have a connection to current events and trends.

The Green Parent

Green Parent hires family and parenting writers for freelance articles

The Green Parent is a UK print magazine with a blog as well. They are looking for parenting articles from an environmentally conscious perspective. They especially like first person stories about your real life experiences (that connect with their eco-friendly focus).

The Points Guy

the points guy online blog has freelance travel writing jobs and family travel writing gigs for you

The Points Guy site is all about how to use credit card points and miles to save money while travelling. So you better know your credit card programs really well before you pitch them anything. We included them here because they also want stories about family travel. And this blog pays very well, but their editorial team is also super picky about who they work with.

What To Expect

online writing jobs that pay for family and parenting articles

The What To Expect blog offers practical advice and honest conversations about pregnancy and parenting. They hire bloggers for a specific focus (news, health, etc.) with a parenting slant.

Yummy Mummy Club

online writing jobs that pay for family and parenting articles

Yummy Mummy is a Canadian parenting blog that hires freelance writers for family and parenting related articles. They are especially interested in humor, personal stories, and timely topics. Even contrarian and dissenting opinion articles are ok (as long as they’re well thought out). And remember to provide sources for all stories.

Your Teen

Your Teen wants freelance writers for parenting articles

Got a teenager and some story ideas on how to survive the teen years? Your Teen is a website dedicated to helping parents of teenagers (from middle school all the way to the beginning of college). Be prepared to give links to your writing samples. Articles, essays, and blog posts are all doable. Oh, and get some experts involved. Your Teen really loves having trusted experts quoted in their articles.

This List Needs YOUR Help!

Have you written for one of these blogs? Will you tell us about your experience?

Or do you know of another blog that pays at least $50 per post on parenting-related topics?

If you’ve got a tip about a blog that pays writers $50+, please send it to [email protected] in exchange for our undying gratitude — thank you for your service.