$ 32 an Hour is How Much a Year: Jobs that Pay $32 an Hour, Sample Budget and More

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Are you wondering 32 an hour is how much a year? Well, this question begs an answer and I’m here to break it down for you.

As we all know, staying on top of our finances is important in reaching our financial goals. That means we need to know how much we earn and how we spend, save and invest our income. So if you are making 32 dollars an hour, do you think it would be enough to get where you want to be, financially?

Also, you want to know how much 32 dollars an hour when translated annually, monthly, weekly, and daily, how to work around this income and make the most out of it.

How Much is 32 Dollars an Hour Annually?

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How do we figure out 32 dollars an hour is how much a year?

First, we need to know if you are taking paid or unpaid vacation during the year. There are 52 weeks per year, so if you do not take a holiday and work full-time, our formula would be this:

52 weeks x 40 hours = 2,080 hours

Therefore, you work 2,080 hours per year. So, if you’re making $32 per hour, we simply multiply them:

2,080 hours x $32 per hour = $66,560 per year

However, if you are working only 50 weeks per year (two weeks unpaid holiday), then you have a total of 2,000 working hours. We multiply this by $32, and we get $64,000 per year.

Thus, a full-time worker that earns $32 per hour should make between $64,000 to $66,560 annually, depending on the number of holidays one takes.

If you are earning a little less, say $30 an hour, find out how much $30 an hour is per year.

$32 an Hour Is How Much A Year After Taxes?

Now, let’s remember that $64,000 per year is not yet your actual take-home pay. Your deductions, voluntary contributions, and of course, taxes, will still be taken out from your paycheck.

So, if you want to know 32 an hour is how much a year after taxes, you first need to know income tax rates. According to Tax Policy Center, people who earn a gross pay of $40, 125 to $85, 525 are taxed 22% of their income.

So, if you’re making $64,000 per year, that would leave you with $49,920 as your take-home pay. When making a budget, always work with the figures in your take-home pay to make sure your allocation for taxes is always covered.

How Many Working Days Are In A Year?

Another important consideration when determining your annual income is to know how many working days are in a year. This is the number of business days in a year, which typically excludes weekends and federal holidays.

Since 2020 happens to be a leap year, there were 252 working days. Meanwhile, the year 2021 has a total of 251 working days.

How Much is $32 an Hour Per Month?

How do you know how much is $32 an hour per month?

It’s quite easy. Simply take the number of hours you work in a year and divide it by 12 months. For instance, if you work 2,000 hours per week, divide it by 12, so your average monthly working hours is 166. Now, let’s multiply this with $32:

166 hours x $32 per hour = $5,312 per month

Therefore, $32 an hour per month is around $5,312 per month. But remember that the number of working days in a month is not always the same, so this figure might vary from month to month.

How Much is $32 An Hour Per Week?

Now, let’s find out 32 an hour is how much a week. Assuming that you work full-time at 40 hours per week, all you have to do is multiply:

$32 an hour x 40 hours per week = $1,280 per week

But if you work part-time, let’s say 20 hours per week, then:

$32 an hour x 20 hours per week = $680 per week

How Much Is $32 An Hour Per Day?

What if you want to know how much is $32 an hour per day?

Simply multiply $32 by the number of hours you work in a day. So if work a typical eight-hour shift, then:

$32 an hour x 8 hours = $256 per day

Income breakdown for $32 an Hour salary per year, month, week and day

Jobs That Pay $32 An Hour

Now that we know how much is $32 an hour per year, month, week, and day, you’re probably wondering what types of jobs make this much money.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, here are some jobs that pay $32 an hour:

As you can see, there are several jobs that pay $32 an hour, and their educational requirements vary from high school diplomas, associate’s, and bachelor’s degrees, to doctor and professional degrees.

But if you’re looking for flexible, online, and home-based work that pays $30 an hour, or more, here are your best options:


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How to Budget $32 an Hour

Budgeting is a skill we all need to learn, no matter what your income looks like. Budgeting has so many benefits, but the biggest one is that you learn how to stay on top of your finances.

So how do you budget your $32 per hour income? Here is an example of a budget for $5,312 per month income. Let’s take out the 22% taxes, leaving you with $4,144 to work with.

Housing (rent or mortgage)                25%                 $1,036

Food and groceries                             20%                  $828

Transportation                                     10%                 $414  

Utilities                                                10%                 $414

Insurance                                            10%                 $414

Personal or fun spending                   5%                   $207  

Savings                                               10%                 $414

Emergency fund                                 10%                 $414

32 An Hour: Is It a Good Salary?

As you can see on the budget template above, earning $32 an hour allows you to live a decent and secure lifestyle. If you stick to the budget, you should make enough to live in a decent home, afford a car and its costs, pay for insurance and even have enough to save for long-term goals and contribute towards your emergency fund.

Suffice to say, $32 an hour is a good salary. Of course, if you live in an area with the highest cost of living like New York, then you might need to earn more to live a comfortable lifestyle. The average rent alone will eat up your entire paycheck, so you probably need to make at least six figures to live a good life there. Otherwise, consider moving to an area with a lower cost of living.  

Making The Most Of Your $32 an Hour Income

Whether you’re making $18 an hour or $40K a year, or in this case, $32 an hour, it is important to learn how to maximize your income so you can put it to good use. Many people would find $32 an hour income a good salary, as it’s above the median hourly wage in the US. These personal finance tips can help you manage your income better:

  1. Save consistently. Saving money helps you get out in a rut without incurring debt, as well as obtain both short-term and financial goals. Read: How to Live Frugally: 50 Frugal Living Tips
  2. Do not give in to lifestyle creep. Keep the same lifestyle even if your income increased from $20 an hour to $32 per hour. Stick to your budget. Save and invest your surplus money.
  3. Create a passive source of income. Let your money work for you, even as you sleep. You can take stock of your hobbies and create a source of passive income from them. Consider selling printables, online courses, ebooks, or do affiliate marketing. Read: Passive Income Ideas for Beginners
  4. Increase your credentials. If taking traditional education is not possible, consider getting an apprenticeship, getting certified, or taking online courses. These will help you market yourself better and command a higher rate.


Now we know what 32 an hour is how much a year: it is between $64,000 to $66,560 before taxes. This is a pretty decent income for someone who is single or has a small family living in a low-cost area.

I believe it all boils down to how you effectively manage your money. This income will already cover your basic needs and even still have some room left for fun spending. But if you don’t follow a budget and save consistently, your income will always fall short.

How would you manage an income of $32 an hour? Do share your tips in the comments below.